Experience Luxury In A Twin Cities Bed And Breakfast

Mystic Lake Casino Hotel offers the best in true luxury in the Minnesota state, is located on one of the most beautiful lakes in America, and boasts an unbeatable selection of real estate in Minnesota. The hotel offers the guests complete tranquility in the midst of many amenities, and this, in turn, ensures that the business of the hotel is to offer luxurious accommodation. Although the hotel is an exceptionally inviting place to spend a holiday, the hotel accommodates the visitors with an extraordinary hospitality which is always appreciated by the guests.

The hotel is constantly decorated with various attractive paintings which give a distinctive look to the place, and there is a large variety of artworks from the artist Manley Hopkins. This, however, does not mean that there is a lack of contemporary art, as there are contemporary artworks from the likes of William Vandivert, Ron Carleton, Larry Chaves, Victor Burgin, James Ramsey, Bob Ross, and even The Beach Boys.

While there is a large variety of modern artworks, the hotel enjoys a distinguished place among the luxury hotels in Minnesota, owing to its atmosphere, facilities, and well-maintained grounds. The hotel has a tranquil and comfortable atmosphere and is the ideal place for couples to enjoy a romantic vacation in Minnesota. Since the hotel is popular among people of all ages, the mainstay of the hotel is the Casino Suite. The Casino Suite offers a well-appointed suite with fully equipped with all essential amenities to cater to the needs of any traveller.

The facility of the suite includes a luxurious massage with an individual masseuse, and also a complimentary bottle of champagne with a separate bottle of sparkling wine for an ultimate and relaxing spa experience. The Spa Lounge is another amenity that can be availed in the Casino Suite. The Lounge is a communal room where people can relax and have a comfortable time, having their makeover with the help of the staff or select from a number of beauty and massage treatments. The hotel offers the customers a free Wi-Fi service, which is available round the clock at all times, and there is an onsite computer with a high speed connection. There is also an ATM machine at the hotel, which can be used to withdraw cash at any time. The lobby and waiting rooms of the hotel have a residential feel to them, and the rooms come with an opulent interiors.

The hotel provides a magnificent reception area where guests can get a special welcome from the hotel staff, who will also assist them in booking their flight to Minnesota. The reception counter has all the necessary information about the hotel, including reservation fees, the names of the concierge, and the nearest local transport. The hotel is equipped with a dishwasher, but the food served here is prepared using fresh vegetables and fruits.

The dining experience in the hotel is excellent, and the choices available in the restaurant reflect the best in the quality of the service provided by the chefs. The hotel is really unique in the hospitality service which it provides to its guests. The guest rooms of the hotel are available in an array of designs, and the services of the concierge ensures that the rooms are fully furnished.

All the rooms of the hotel have a private balcony and the rooms are very easily accessible, which makes the hotel a convenient travel destination. The hotel can be accessed through a gate and there is a parking lot at the rear of the hotel, which is open to the public. There is an easy access to the Casino Suite in the hotel, and all the services offered by the hotel are just a phone call away.